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Credit Card Terminal


International Card Establishment is the premier online provider of credit card terminal equipment, offering the most comprehensive selection of terminals anywhere on the Internet. We carry a wide variety of point of sale and wireless credit card terminal models from the industry's leading manufactures, including the NMI or ® point of sale terminal, the Lipman® Nutri wireless credit card system terminal, and the versatile Eclipse® terminal with electronic check processing capabilities. We also offer sophisticated travel merchant payment gateways that enable online merchants to process secure credit and debit cards transactions in real time. At ICE, you will find everything you need to organize, manage, and process all types of transactions quickly and efficiently.

Point of Sale Terminal

Process credit card, debit card, and check transactions quickly and securely with a POS terminal.

  • NMI or ® AIO - a secure, easy-to-use terminal with an integrated printer and Visa® PED-certified PIN pad

  • BankPoint® II PIN Pad - a compact, secure terminal with a Visa® PED-certified PIN pad for increased travel merchant payment options

  • Eclipse® Terminal Printer - secure, real time terminal with an integrated printer and electronic check verification capabilities
  • NMI or ® 3000 Terminal - a cost-effective, reliable terminal that combines speed and high performance

  • PrintPoint® 3000 - designed for merchants who process a large number of transactions on a daily basis, this is the fastest thermal printer in the industry, printing up to 20 lines per second

  • LinkPack® 3000 Terminal/Printer - an integrated POS terminal that combines the NMI or ® 3000 with the PrintPoint® 3000 for an ultra-fast terminal ideal for merchants who handle large volumes of point of sale credit and debit card transactions

  • BankPoint® PIN Pad - a secure, easy to use terminal with an integrated PIN pad that fits in the palm of your hand

Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Conduct your business anytime, anywhere with a convenient and secure wireless credit card system terminal.

  • NMI or ® 9100G - a hand-held wireless terminal with full credit card processing capabilities that operates on nationwide GSM networks via a GPRS modem. Perfect for any mobile or temporary location.

  • NURIT 8000G - a wireless terminal on the GPRS/GSM nationwide networks that is capable of handling multiple merchants

  • Way Systems MTT 1500 - a compact mobile terminal that consists of a mobile phone, smart card reader, and a magnetic stripe card reader; this terminal has access to the nationwide GPRS/GSM networks

  • ExaDigm Mobile Mate - a mobile, point of sale terminal that allows merchants to switch services in order to suit their environment

  • MobileSwipe® - authorizes consumer and commercial credit cards in real time

Internet Payment Gateway

Effective business tools with enhanced processing and security features.

  • NMI or ® Secure Payment Gateway - allows merchants to accept and process secure credit card payments directly from their websites and enables customers to make online purchases using their choice of credit card or electronic check

  • NMI or ® Central - enables merchants to manually enter credit card information into a PC through a secure Internet connection

  • NMI or ® Connect - sophisticated travel merchant payment solution software that is incorporated into the merchant's website to permit online shoppers to securely pay for purchases with a credit or debit card

  • NMI or ® API - enhanced security features including encryption capabilities and tax and shipping calculation tools that can be added to products and custom storefronts

  • Shopping Carts - through strategic partnerships with industry-leading shopping cart vendors, we are able to offer easy-to-use software that can be used to set up online catalogs and shopping carts

  • NMI or ® Wrappers - integration tools that merge with the merchant's secure travel merchant payment gateway

  • NMI or ® VirtualCheck™ - increases customers' travel merchant payment options by enabling website to accept secure electronic checks

With so many different options available to business owners, choosing the credit card terminal that will best serve your business needs can be a difficult process. However, at ICE, we make it easy. Learn how to select the credit card processing equipment that is right for your business.

Today's powerful hardware and software programs simplify merchant travel merchant payment solutions. From processing online transactions to point-of-sale purchases at a restaurant, our credit card terminal equipment and intelligent application software will enable you to quickly and securely complete your customer's purchase. Fill out our free application and start accepting credit cards today!

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